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Currently available:
I Am the Night (spoken word CD, Dec. 2005)
Orange Cats Make the Very Best Friends

(with Kirk Elliott)
Skysongs... A Writer's Collection
One Voice:  A Tribute to Norm Hacking, Vol. 1

Coming soon:
The Ache (late 2008)
One Voice: Tribute to Norm Hacking, Vol. 2
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I Am the Night
Poetry and Prose by Norm Hacking

(Dec 2005, CD) IMNH 105

I Am the Night CD cover, click for details

Orange Cats
Make the Very Best Friends

Norm Hacking & Kirk Elliott
(Dec 2002, CD) 3FLAM 2003

Orange Cats CD cover, click for details

One Voice: A Tribute to Norm Hacking, Vol. 1

(Nov 2001, CD, various artists)
3FLAM 2001
[Vol. 2 is in progress]

One Voice tribute CD Volume 1, click for details

Skysongs... A Writer's Collection

(Nov 2001, CD) 3FLAM2002
(remastered reissue)
(replaces out of print 1996 CD FORT0794)

Skysongs CD cover 2001, click for details
The Ache (1999 - pre-release CD)
(watch for upcoming full release)
The Ache pre-release CD cover, click for details
"Blind Love" - pre-release
cover art by Lisa Graziotto
A Day in the Studio

(1993, solo cassette)
[not currently available]

Photo of Norm by Lisa Graziotto, click for Day in the Studio details
Photo by Lisa Graziotto
(not the cassette cover)

Stubborn Ghost:
Norm Hacking with Kevin Bell

(1988, LP) RDR-800N
[not available; 10 songs are on Skysongs]

Stubborn Ghost LP cover, click for details


Cut Roses

(1980, LP) INDR 79071 Indoor Records
[not available; 5 songs are on Skysongs]

Cut Roses LP cover, click for details

Norm Hacking Live:
The Scarborough College Concerts

(1977, LP) TSR-1
[not available]

Norm Hacking Live LP cover, click for details
Original Bones
Paul Corby, Norm Hacking, Janine Locke, Brad Sales, Phil Weir with friends
(1972, LP) - 13 tracks, including 4 original songs and 1 cover by Norm
Recorded at Scarborough College (Toronto)
[not available]
(watch for cover and more details to be added)

Norm Hacking on benefit and compilation recordings:

Steve Goodman book cover; included CD has a song by NormNEW!! - Steve Goodman: Facing the Music by Clay Eals
(book with CD; spring 2007; 2nd printing slightly revised early 2008)
Author Clay Eals of Seattle interviewed Norm and 1,066 others (and contacted more than 1,100 other people) to write a comprehensive 800-page biography of Steve Goodman. The book includes a CD of 18 songs written about Steve Goodman. The second track is Norm's "Richer for the Time" (from his Skysongs CD, originally on his Stubborn Ghost LP) - Norm was inspired by seeing Steve Goodman at The Riverboat (prominent 1960s folk venue in Toronto). With forward by Arlo Guthrie and preface by Studs Terkel, this 8"x10" format book includes hundreds of photos - 16 pages are in colour. The cover photo (at left) is by Gina Jett. Published by ECW Press (Toronto) for $29.95 U.S. / $32.95 Cdn (ISBN 978-1-55022-732-1 or 1-55022-732-7). For details of the book, including the full first chapter, sample clips from each song on the CD, acknowledgements, author's bio and appearances (Chicago and Seattle) and reviews, see

cover - Songs for a Better Planet Vol. IISongs for a Better Planet Volume II
(released November 2006)
Norm's "Shine" [3:25] from his Skysongs CD is the lead track on this anthology of original songs with themes for an improved earth, produced by the Association of Artists for a Better World. More information, including descriptions of the 14 tracks on this 56 minute CD, is at Artists are from Canada, U.S.A., Australia and Holland. Each including Norm has a few copies to sell. CDs are NOW available on-line for US$ 12.97 plus tax and shipping from CD Baby at with proceeds going directly to United Nations Foundation. Produced by Brian Gladstone © 2006, Mastered by Robert Digioia, Original cover art and graphic design by Rick Jacobson.

Darn Folksingers Vol. 2 (CD-R; Vol. 1 also available)
(released December 15, 2004)
"Crazy for Love" [shown on some copies as"Crazy for You"] 4:39
Two CD-Rs made from mono tapes off the sound board over the years benefit Fat Albert's in Toronto - Canada's longest running open stage, continuous since 1967!
Available for $10 each volume or $15 for both at Fat Albert's
(most Wednesdays, 25 Cecil St., Toronto, 7 pm sign-up, 8 pm start)
See info on Darn Folksingers Volumes 1 and 2, including full track lists..
This is Norm's only available recording of this song; Alan Rhody does a lovely version on Norm's tribute album One Voice - lyrics and mp3 of Alan's recording

Concert for the Angels CD coverConcert for the Angels: The Holly Jones Benefit Concert (2 CDs)
CFACD03 (September 2003)
"How Can I Hold You" [listed as "That's How I Can Hold You"] 4:23
"In a Child's Room" 2:43
CD sales benefit Child Find Ontario - order from (under letter C)
See the paragraph on Norm's News page and the Holly Jones memorial / celebration website.

Mariposa 2000
(MAR2000), Mariposa Folk Foundation (2000)
for Mariposa Folk Festival 2000
"Last Dance with the Bully God"

Mariposa '98
(MAR0098), Mariposa Folk Foundation (1998)
for Mariposa Folk Festival 1998
"Spin Around" 3:27

Bittersweet Canada:  Songs of the New Depression (1992)
Word of Mouth Music (WOMCD-1005-2)
"The Great Depression of '92"

Fast Folk Musical Magazine:  Lost in the Works Vol 2 (1992)
Fast Folk - FF610 Vol. 6 #10 (1992)
"Home is Where the Heart Is"
(available from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
at )

See also other artists sing Norm's songs
and songs about Norm

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